Carrington Moss, The Masai Mara of the North


Image: A map of Carrington Moss, the “Masai Mara of the North” with fields numbered for wildlife recording purposes


For some time now, on nature walks on the Salford Mosses, just to the north of Carrington Moss and the Manchester Ship Canal, “The Birdman of the Mosses”, Dave Steel has referred to the mossland complex of Barton Moss, Chat Moss, Irlam Moss, Cadishead Moss & Little Woolden Moss as the “Serengeti of the North”.


Image: A map of the Salford Mosses, the “Serengeti of the North” with fields numbered for wildlife recording purposes


Following this line of thinking, this would make Carrington Moss the “Masai Mara of the North”. Now, you might think that these titles are superlative and a little far-fetched, however, if you look at the ecology on an international level, habitats such as the mosslands of south-west Greater Manchester are highly important and, though not quite as glamorous as the African nature reserves, have the potential to support an Eco-Tourism industry that can provide future employment and a green, positive image for Greater Manchester for many years to come if the habitats are protected and managed appropriately.

The key to the turnaround in Africa in regards to EcoTourism was culture change & “The Big Five”, an innovative promotion strategy. In Greater Manchester we have “The Perfect Ten” and The Friends group could select a “Big Five” for Carrington Moss.

barn owl 3

Barn Owl, a mythical bird of the Greater Manchester mosslands (@MancunianBirder)



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