The Salford Docklands Big Five 

Photo: Kingfisher, a star bird of the Salford Docklands

A classic EcoTourism promotion is to select a Big Five species for a site to represent and promote the site to the general public

The Manchester Ship Canal World Heritage Group have selected five species to represent and promote the Salford Docklands – Kingfisher, Northern Lapwing, Mute Swan, Cormorant and Grey Heron

Visitors to the Salford Docklands area have a good chance of seeing all five on a walk around The Quays, with Pomona a very good site to visit to see The Big Five

Kingfisher, Mute Swan & Northern Lapwing are resident breeding species along the Manchester Ship Canal, whilst Cormorants & Grey Herons are also resident all-year round

The Big Five featured on national television, BBCs’ Urban Jungle, in the summer of 2013, and can form the beginning of a structured EcoTourism plan for the Salford Docklands


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