The Family Crest

Photo: Red-crested Pochards with 2 ducklings on the Peoples’ Park, London

The RED-CRESTED POCHARD seems to be on the increase in the UK, especially in Southern England, with a mixture of genuine wild birds, a feral population and some escaped collection birds

The classic English site is the Cotswold Water Park where the biggest flocks are present in the winter, and breeding occurs during the summer, and it is a regular East Anglian breeding species – Titchwell RSPB is the main site, with breeding first occurring here in 2009

In the North-west the species is quite difficult to see – although the resident drake on Walton Park Lake in Liverpool can usually be counted on for year-listers, and Woolston Eyes, Cheshire, seems to be getting regular sightings, and would seem to be a suitable site to host a population of this species – and it is a vagrant to Ireland, Scotland & Wales

For birders who are interested in witnessing a Red-crested Pochard successful breeding attempt in the wild in England it is worth visiting Victoria Park West Lake in London

A pair have bred this year and on 9th June still had 2 ducklings with them, there are also 3 additional adult drakes, and a population of Northern Pochards


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