Manchesters’ Parakeets

Photo: Ring-necked Parakeets @ Chorlton Water Park

Ring-necked Parakeets have started a population in the Manchester area, in the Rusholme area and along the Mersey Valley

Platt Fields Park, Chorlton Water Park, Heaton Mersey Common  and Fletcher Moss are amongst the best places to see them

The population has risen from a few birds around Rusholme to a population that must now be in triple figures

Due to their colours, noise and general exuberance, this species often captures the general publics’ imagination and attention, usually after people have come to terms with the incongruous sight of a big, green parrot sat in a Manchester tree!


One thought on “Manchesters’ Parakeets

  1. There is now a small colony of maybe 6 birds who have setup shop in Alkrington Woods over the last 12 months. As someone whose local patch in London is home to a large roost of these birds, I am disappointed by this development.


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