Mancunian Little Egrets

The big news on the Manchester birding scene is the presence of a Little Egret on a small fishing pool near Altrincham, first spotted on Sunday and still present today, 16th February, on the King George V Pool, just south of Altrincham Golf Course

The Little Egret was an official UK rarity as recently as the 1980’s and has now colonised England – a big conservation success story, but it is still a rare bird in the Manchester area

The first record for Greater Manchester was on the Broad Ees Dole Nature Reserve, Sale Water Park, in May 1989

Little Egret is now a rare but regular visitor to Greater Manchester, with sightings at sites such as Pennington Flash, Altrincham Sewage Farm, Hope Carr Nature Reserve, Elton Reservoir, Dunham Park, Wigan Flashes, Salford Mosses, Salford Docklands, and has also been seen at heronries

Little Egrets breed communally in heronries and there is plenty suitable habitat for this species to increase its’ range in the Manchester area, so this species might become an established part of Greater Manchesters’ avifauna in the near future


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