Great Northern Loon



The Great Northern Diver is still present on the 11th February 2016 on Salford Docklands

It arrived in mid-December 2015 frequenting the central Docklands area from Clippers Quay to North Wharf (the site of Media City) up to 22nd December and was then relocated on 26th December on the Ontario Basin

In North America this species has the name Great Northern Loon and is found in Canada – it is therefore poetic that this bird is frequenting an area of water named after the Canadian province of Ontario, due to Salford docks trade connection with Canada

It also frequents the connected St Peters, St Louis, St Francis and Erie Basins, and it can take a while to find it as it dives for fish

There is a Metrolink station @Salford Quays and so it is possible to eco-twitch on the Metrolink tram

The resident drake Goldeneye was still present on 11th February 2016 – the place to look for this bird is North Wharf, around the Media City bridge (keep an eye out for media celebs!)

Larofiles can get some decent views of gulls on the Docklands, and in recent years Iceland, Mediterranean, Little Gull and Kittiwake have all been spotted, surely Yellow-legged and Caspian are on the horizon ?

Pomona Docks are always worth a look, there is still plenty of wildlife habitat (despite the initial construction of the dodgy flats) and a Chiffchaff was present in January

Peregrines are being seen and it is display time of year so look out for some spectacular action

Kingfishers are present along the Manchester Ship Canal and seem to be enjoying the mild winter on the Costa del Salford

The Salford Docklands offers the visitor a heritage and environmental experience with a Heritage Trail and birds aplenty





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