Probable Blue-winged Teal x Shoveler hybrid, Sale Water Park, October 2014

Photo: Garganey (left) and probable Blue-winged Teal x Shoveler hybrid, Sale Water Park, October 2014 (Photo: Tony Disley)


On October 6th 2014, whilst on a visit to one of my local patches, Sale Water Park, I walked into the Lakeside Hide to see if there was owt about on the Broad Ees Dole Nature Reserve

Upon first glance I was very surprised to see 2 ducks, one a Garganey and a bird that looked like a Blue-winged Teal, feeding together just 100 yards away

The identification of this bird caused much confusion, it attracted a decent number of local birders with the general verdict being Blue-winged Teal x Shoveler hybrid – it was very similar in size and structure to previous birds that have been identified as Blue-winged Teal x Shoveler hybrids such as the Worcestershire bird in 2014 and the Northamptonshire bird in 2012

It remained at Sale Water Park for more than 2 weeks until 22nd October, the Garganey remained until 11th October, and the news of these birds even made the local Sale and Altrincham Messenger newspaper

This episode put the Mersey Valley on the birding map yet again and once again continued the Mersey Valleys’ reputation for rare (and hybrid!) ducks






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