The Evolution Of Manc

image#Manchester #EuropeanCityOfScience #EvoManc

The city that created the Industrial Revolution is, it is fair to say, now completely over the polluting industry of the era!

There has been a lot of work done on cleaning up from the Industrial Revolution, but there is still much work to do

The Industrial Revolution gave us a work ethic, entrepreneurial spirit and radical politics

We have had the music-inspired social movements of rock n’ roll, hippy, disco, punk, Northern Soul, Dancechester and now there is an Eco-Socialist revolution happening

Manchesters’ environment is an undiscovered jewel that has received minimal mainstream media coverage, and Ecology/Green projects are springing up around the city

Industry has transformed the landscape, but now nature is reclaiming former industrial sites

The urban jungle is the territory of the Peregrine, Manchesters’ Millennium Falcon

The city of Salford, directly adjacent to the city of Manchester, is more than 60% greenspace

The Salford Docklands, once an industrial hub, is now an unofficial peoples’ nature reserve that has attracted 130 bird species and the Manchester Ship Canal, originally built to service industry is now a solid candidate for World Heritage status, due to its’ heritage and environment

In the Mersey Valley the creation of wildlife habitat through industry has happened at Sale Water Park

The Rivers Irk, Irwell and Medlock, the 3 rivers that feature on the Manchester City Football Club badge, are all unique wildlife habitats, and the race is on for the first Manchester football club to become Zero Carbon in a Forest Green style

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) began in the Manchester area, and the organisation has done some work over the years here, with the City Centre Peregrine Project and the creation of Dovestones Nature Reserve

More recently, the Lancashire Wildlife Trust has taken an interest in sites such as the Salford Mosses where a new nature reserve is being created at Little Woolden Moss

People are reconnecting to the mosslands, lowland (Salford Mosses, Carrington Moss) and upland (Oldham Mosses, Horwich Mosses)

There are a number of Greater Manchester council-run nature reserves, Broadhurst Clough is Manchesters’ rainforest, complete with jungle boardwalk and a new project has begun called Three Million Trees, a Red Rose Forest initiative to plant three million trees around Greater Manchester

The conservation movement has always been strong here, with many working hard, and a big thank you must be given to the volunteers who work very hard in some difficult conditions

Manchester is now the European City Of Science and the party’s just begun for 2016 (the year of the Great Leap Forward)




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