Saying NO to fracking shows that Lancashire is OPEN for REAL business


#BanFracking #FyldeFuture #FutureMakers #FrackFreeLancashire

NO FRACKING WAY! National Gathering, @Blackpool Tower, Lancashire, Sunday 31st January 2016, 11am onwards at Blackpool Comedy Carpet / Tiffanys Hotel

FRACK FREE LANCASHIRE National Protest, Bloomfield Road, Blackpool FC, Blackpool, Lancashire, 9am Tuesday 9th February 2016

In the summer of 2015 the decent folk of Lancashire said NO to fracking in the most polite and business-like manner, utilising the appropriate channels, and giving some superb speeches from the heart at Lancashire County Council

The elected council officials voted with the people and were given a solid round of applause

The decision was broadcast to a huge crowd, and the news was broadcast on a global scale, including the mainstream media and business press

Cuadrilla and the so-called North West Energy Taskforce immediately declared that the decision said that Lancashire is not open for business, but the complete opposite is true

Whatever figures the fracking industry can conjour up for jobs and growth, Renewable Energy, EcoTourism and Sustainable Agriculture can smash on LONG-TERM projected economic figures and it is time for the Big Switch of fracking colleges to be turned into Renewable Energy Technical Centres because you can’t fool the people of the revolution

The Conservative Party say they have a long-term economic plan, but no decent long-term economic plan for Lancashire can possibly include fracking!

Even if there was full fracking of the infamous Bowland Shale, even the fossil fuel industry admits that the fracking industry could only last 30 years at the most

Renewable Energy, EcoTourism and Sustainable Agriculture are industries that can last for, what could be described as, an infinite amount of time ie: fracking could possibly provide a few jobs for just one generation, whereas green future industries such as Renewable Energy, EcoTourism and Sustainable Agriculture could provide jobs for many future generations

The tactical win for the anti-fracking movement in Lancashire in the Summer Of Love 2015 was a moment of high positive energy

The fracking industry has continued to decline with some huge news from the USA on methane leaks from fracking sites, google: Porter Ranch, California), many frackers have gone bankrupt due to the oil price decline and US East Coast storms, Paris effectively declaring the age of fossil fuels over (bar the shouting), the Barton Moss #UKFrackingScandal, the Upton Community Protection Camp in the media headlines, due to a Labour Party politician being arrested, Schlumberger shedding thousands of jobs, BHP Billiton writing off billions of dollars of oil and gas assets, IGas share price almost reaching single figures, a Manchester newspaper survey suggesting 97% of Mancunians are against fracking, Conservative-run Trafford Council declaring Trafford a frack free zone, and the word fracking becoming a national joke word, soon to be popping up in the Oxford English Dictionary!

So, Cuadrillas’ case for appeal, shoddy from the start, is falling apart

The Lancashire County Council motto is “In Council Is Wisdom” and conventional wisdom says fracking is over

It can now be proven that the sites that Cuadrilla are appealing could be subject to flooding, and no politician could possibly approve a fracking site in an area that could be flooded

Whereas during Summer 2015 it was possible to put a case forward for Lancashire being frack free with a degree of confidence, now it is a no-brainer!

We live in the post-Paris North of England that has just been subjected to severe flooding, an extreme weather event connected to climate change

According to the Bloomberg Carbon Tracker, carbon is now above 400 ppm (parts per millon)

It is time for the UK to make urgent forward thinking decisions regarding generating energy and for us to truly join the High Ambition Global Partnership that was announced at Paris 2015

It is time for political co-operation such as the Peoples’ Chancellor John McDonnells’ suggested multi-party plan for the North

It is time for Lancashire businesses, a majority of whom have officially signed up to being frack free, to become Future Makers


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