Pomona – The New Frontier For EcoSocialist Activists

The initial Peel planning permission documents for Pomona Docks, the last real area of greenspace on Salford Docklands and a site of high biodiversity and scientific value, to be transformed into another sprawling “Quays” metropolis was submitted in 2004 to Trafford Council

Since then, the world has moved on, politics has changed, people have changed, markets have changed, business has changed and tourism has changed, however, Peels’ plans for Pomona have stayed the same and have not been adapted to our quickly changing world – perhaps, as they always seem to need vast sums of public money to stay afloat, they couldn’t afford new plans ?

The Paris Climate Talks are just weeks away, the whole world is on the green vibe, yet the GMCA/Peel business plan remains stuck in the 1980’s

Peels’ plan to transform an area of high heritage, ecological and scientific value into yet another concrete jungle are wrong on so many levels, and this situation is a microcosm of how badly “business leaders” and “politicians” are so desperately out of touch with the people and the world as a whole

The political elite bubble is thriving in “Greater Manchester”, to the GMCA progressive seems to be a dirty word as they cling on to a by-gone era that doesn’t actually exist anymore, desperately attempting to cobble together a “Northern Powerhouse” against science, reason and public opinion

It is sad to see so many Labour politicians as laissez-faire lapdogs for disastrous Tory policies, doing the Tories’ dirty work, when there is a people power revolution happening in the UK full of bright ideas, optimism and enthusiasm

In the North we have reached a situation similar to the Woodstock era in the USA, a clash of the generations and it is time for politicians to represent the people

In essence, Pomona now represents the front-line for Northerners, who have been winning some huge environmental battles at sites such as Barton Moss (Salford), Crawberry Hill (Yorkshire) and The Fylde (Lancashire), in the fight for a better world, for a bright, new, shiny vision of people, scientists, politicians and businesses working together versus “business as usual”

The global green movement is unstoppable and Pomona should now, following the Arctic and Keystone wins, be added to every green/socialist activists list of projects to win

*The Trafford Council Pomona hearing is scheduled to take place on Thursday 12th November at 6:30pm, a protest is scheduled from 5:30pm meet @Trafford Town Hall


2 thoughts on “Pomona – The New Frontier For EcoSocialist Activists

  1. I posted a link to the article that appeared on the Salford Star website, on RAID Facebook site in the hope that they would get involved and maybe stop this development. Instead, Tory Councillor Ian Lindley posted this little gem. Iain Lindley:- Pomona is brownfield scrubland with excellent public transport links. It’s exactly the sort of site we need to be building on if we’re going to make a credible case for protecting our green spaces. Maybe those people involved in protecting Pomona, can comment on his dismissive post. Here’s the link to their site on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/raid.org/


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