Salford Migration Festival, Autumn 2015

It’s time to celebrate the Autumn bird migration as a wildlife spectacular

Autumn is a big time in the naturalists’ year as thousands of birds are on the move with summer migrants returning to Africa and winter migrants flying in from Europe, and in particular, Scandinavia

Goldeneyes fly in from Iceland for the winter and flocks of newly arrived Pink-footed Geese can be seen

Birdwatchers are on the hunt for rare birds arriving from America and Asia

September is generally a month for drift migration and waders, and October is the month for large numbers of migrants and the arrival of big numbers of ducks, geese and swans

The Salford Mosses are the site where migrants are present in the highest numbers, any of the Salford Country Parks and urban parks are worth a look, Pomona is a migrant hotspot and the River Irwell, Manchester Ship Canal and Bridgewater Canal are all wildlife corridors that birds travel along

Recent Salford area Autumn rarities have included Yellow-browed Warbler, Great Grey Shrike, Yellow-legged Gull, Raven and Pintail

Look out for some #LoveBirds #MigrationFestival events on some of Salfords’ premier birding sites


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