The Carbon Landscape Project

Photo: Peregrine on Chat Moss, Salford (James Walsh)

#CarbonLandscapeProject #ChatMossProject #GreenRevolution #MecoS

The timing of the launch of the brand new Carbon Landscape Project could not be better with interest in the environment at an all-time high, Manchester becoming the European City Of Science and more people every day falling in love with the mosslands area west of Manchester

The main theme of the Carbon Landscape Project is connectivity, connection of wildlife habitats and the connection of people to wildlife and the landscape

The Project aims to educate people about the real value of our environment and inspire people to explore sites such as the Salford Mosses, the Greenheart Wigan Flashes and Woolston Eyes, and to enjoy, identify and record wildlife for conservation purposes

At the heart of the Project is conservation of a very fragile and precious environment and, with Carbon and Climate Change huge global issues, the importance and significance of The Carbon Landscape Project on a local, national and international scale cannot be over-stated

Viva La Evolution!

Film, The Natural Beauty Of The Salford Mosses

The Carbon Landscape Project

The Carbon Landscape Project Launches On August Bank Holiday

The Carbon Landscape Report

A Wander Into The Carbon Landscape

Salfords Got Talons

Marsh Harrier on the Salford Mosses

Barn Owl on the Salford Mosses

Water Vole on the Salford Mosses

Warrington Ranger Service Events 2015


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