The Salford Docklands Project

Photo: Essentials for all visits to Salford Docklands, bird checklist and identification guide

A new project to encourage interest in, and promote the wildlife, environment and heritage of the Salford Docklands

Interest in the wildlife of the Salford Docks, and in particular Pomona, is at an all-time high and with Salford recently becoming a social enterprise city now is the time for this area to be taken to the next level

In 1894 the Manchester Ship Canal was officially opened, an ambitious project to create an inland waterway and docks, 88 years later, in 1982 the working docks of Salford were closed

In the 1980’s birdwatchers began to recognise the old docklands as a top birdwatching site with thousands of diving ducks and the old docks became a site for Ecology students to take part in some decent ecology projects, and in particular, the scientific conditions surrounding the occurrence of thousands of Aythya ducks, Pochard, Tufted Duck, Greater Scaup and also the rare Ferruginous Duck

In recent years, a small group of naturalists from the Salford Docklands Heritage and Nature Group have worked hard to record around 130 species of bird and over 150 species of flora, and books are being written that are due to be published soon

A BIG FIVE species have been selected to represent and promote the area, and Birdwatching Cruises are becoming more popular

However, many people are still not aware of how amazing the site is for wildlife, and with Manchester being the European City Of Science now is the time to start promoting to the world the beautiful wildlife of the Salford Docklands

Film, The Salford Docklands Project

Salford Star, Salford Docklands Project Launches With Birdwatching Cruise


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