Rare Arctic Pelagic Gull Brings Big Crowds To Wigan

A Sabine’s Gull, a species that breeds on the Arctic coast and tundra, is attracting large numbers of birdwatchers to Pennington Flash Country Park, situated between Manchester, St Helens and Wigan

The Sabine’s Gull is a pelagic species that lives at sea when not on breeding grounds, therefore, for one to be on a lake near Wigan is very unusual

It was found on 4th August and still showing today, 12th August

Most Sabine’s Gulls that are seen in the UK are seen from the coast or on pelagic boat-trips, but some do occur inland, most often after strong west winds during the Autumn

Film, Sabine’s Gull at Pennington Flash

Pennington Flash Country Park is one of the premier birding sites, not just in the Manchester area, but in the North, and was home to one of the biggest gatherings of birdwatchers this country has ever seen when a first for Britain, a Black-faced Bunting frequented the site in March and April 1994

Film, Black-faced Bunting at Pennington Flash



Pennington Flash Site Guide


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