True Labour and Green Britannia

#TrueLabour #GreenBritannia #JezWeCan #CorbynsTheMan

We have had New Labour and Cool Britannia, and Blue Labour and Cruel Britannia, now it is time for True Labour and Green Britannia

As a scientist and an environmentalist there is just one person that I can vote for in the Labour leadership election

Although Jeremy Corbyns’ environmental credentials are not impeccable (for example, while Natalie Bennett was visiting the anti-fracking camps, where was anyone from the Labour Party ?) and some of Corbyns’ “green” policies need looking at in more detail and challenging, on the whole, Jeremy Corbyn has a good attitude towards the environment, whereas the other leadership candidates, bar some murmurings from Andy Burnham about a fracking moratorium, like many politicians, have attempted to not mention the environment

Politicians often try not to mention the environment in a Basil Fawlty-esquire style, whereas the environment should be the NUMBER ONE priority for ALL politicians with Paris 2015 on the near horizon and a global climate deal essential to our survival


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