In It To Win It – Whinchats on Pomona

Photo: Female Whinchat on Pomona, Salford Docklands, May 2014

#InItToWinIt #SavePomona #LovePomona #SalfordDocklandsProject #ScienceAsRevolution #McrCityOfScience

On 30th April 2012 a stunning male Whinchat arrived on Pomona Docks and stayed on-site often in the company of Wheatears until 2nd May

At the same time a first summer Little Gull was on Salford Wharf and the presence of these two birds on the docklands resulted in the biggest twitch on the Salford Docklands since a Ferruginous Duck graced the site in 2001

In May 2014 a female Whinchat was found on Pomona Docks, a subtle treat and a bird to brighten up any day

The presence of these birds, and the decent numbers of Spring Wheatears, prove Pomona Docks as a very important site for migrant birds

Other Spring migrants from their wintering grounds on the African continent include Garden Warbler, Spotted Flycatcher, Lesser Whitethroat, Redstart and Sedge Warbler

Passerine summer migrants that breed on Pomona include Willow Warbler, Chiffchaff, Blackcap and Whitethroat

All the more reason to #SavePomona


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