Hen Harrier Day Sunday 9th August 2015

UK birding gets ever more political as we have more and more conservation issues here to deal with

Having been promised the “Greenest Government Ever” by Mr Cameron way back in the “hug a husky” days of 2010 the reality on the ground is the complete opposite and many birders these days are having to give up their valuable birding time to commit to conservation issues such as campaigning against fracking and the Infrastructure Bill and having battles on their hands saving their local patches

It is no longer possible to just look to other places such as Malta and scorn and say we do things differently here, as many UK birders are literally fighting for their right to go birding!

The good news is that campaigning can produce results and the recent wins for the UK anti-fracking movement points the way forward for organised, grass-roots conservation in a similar style to the original people of conscience who formed the RSPB in Manchester in 1889

The Hen Harrier issue has united the birding community into a political and social movement with many birders turning activist to try to save a species on the brink of extinction in the UK and the cohesion of this movement with Mark Avery and Springwatchs’ Chris Packham at the forefront has brought a “Yes We Can” Save the Hen Harrier positive vibe that can be witnessed at the Hen Harrier Day event in Derbyshire on Sunday 9th August



How far can the energised activist birdwatcher movement reach ? Could the current public desire for nationalisation include our moorlands ? Could this be the beginning of the democratisation of our uplands ? Could this campaign inspire a generation to take up conservation ?


Report on the inaugural Hen Harrier Day


Hen Harriers have most successful English breeding season for five years


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