Rare Mediterranean Gull Arrives On The Costa Del Salford

Photo: Mediterranean Gull, Pomona, Salford Docklands (James Walsh)

An adult Mediterranean Gull has arrived on Salford Docklands, aka the Costa del Salford, on Saturday 25th July in amongst a flock of Black-headed Gulls along the Manchester Ship Canal at Pomona

The Mediterranean Gull is a rare species for the UK – numbers have increased in recent years, the species now breeds at some Northern sites, and now has the status of Occasional Visitor to Salford Docklands

Pomona Docks, just one mile from Manchester city centre, is a site of high biological importance and this sighting is ever more proof of Pomonas’ ecological value

The Pomona area is under threat from planned eco-cide and there are a growing number of voices who are saying that this area should be a site for the people of the Manchester, Trafford and Salford area, and that it could be the site for a Northern Eden Project





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