Film, The Natural Beauty Of The Manchester/Salford Mosses

New film from the Manchester Ship Canal World Heritage Group shows the natural beauty of the threatened, precious mosslands of Salford/Wigan

Manchester being the European City Of Science now makes this unique, natural Carbon Store eco-system, with its’ high scientific value, even more important, and the mosslands are one of the focus areas of the brand new Carbon Landscape Project, that aims to conserve, enhance and promote the Mosses, The Wigan Flashes and Woolston Eyes

This 11 minute film set to Beethovens’ “Pastoral” Symphony captures the beauty and the majesty of the wildlife and the environment, and the stunning scenery, of the lowland mosslands from Eccles (Salford) to Birchwood (Cheshire)

Within this area is the Manchester Mosses Special Area of Conservation, and Chat Moss, also known as Salford’s Rainforest & The Green Lungs of the City

This area, including Barton Moss, Chat Moss, the new Lancashire Wildlife Trust Nature Reserve at Little Woolden, Risley Moss Nature Reserve, Botany Bay Wood (Greater Manchesters’ largest area of woodland) & Astley Moss SSSI, is a wildlife lovers’ paradise, a country idyll, much loved by the local community & visiting nature enthusiasts

The wildlife featured in the film, mostly filmed on location at the recent Manchester Ship Canal World Heritage Group “Love Birds” events includes:

Brown Hare, Buzzards, Whooper Swans, Golden Plovers, Oystercatchers,  Black-headed Gulls, Mistle Thrush, Grey Partridge, Pheasant, Stoat, Gadwall, Shelduck, Grey Heron, Moorhen, Tufted Duck, Reed Bunting, Kestrel, Bullfinch, Canada Goose, Corn Buntings, Rabbit, Sparrowhawk, Jay & Yellowhammers

Lowland raised bog in the UK has fallen 94% from 95,000 hectares to 6,000 hectares, and is now an internationally threatened habitat !! So, this really is a rare, fragile “postage stamp” of the remaining UK lowland mossland

There is public access to most of the mossland, including Barton Moss Road, Cutnook Lane, Fiddlers Lane, Roscoe Road, Astley Road & New Moss Road, so why not get out in the field, discover what is on your doorstep and try to spot the Salford Mosses Big Ten


Thanks to the people of the city of Salford, especially Irlam, Dave Steel, Tony Disley (Lancashire Wildlife Artist), Greater Manchester Bird Recording Group, Lancashire Wildlife Trust, Risley Moss Action Group & the Woolston Eyes Conservation Group


Facebook: Manchester Ship Canal World Heritage Group

The Salford Mosses Big Ten

Greater Manchester Bird Recording Group

Lancashire Wildlife Trust

Risley Moss

Woolston Eyes Conservation Group

Greater Manchester Local Records Centre


One thought on “Film, The Natural Beauty Of The Manchester/Salford Mosses

  1. Some of it is also known as Irlam Moss.Worth remembering if you are from out of town.You may end up in Ordsall or Davyhulme or somewhere else when looking for directions.Local people will be able to direct you if asked.


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