BEE REAL – Let’s Get Buzzin’

The Manchester Ship Canal World Heritage Group today announces BEE REAL, a new project to get Manchester and Salford and beyond buzzing!

“We have to save the bees, it isn’t just because they are pretty and interesting, it is a matter of human survival!”

The County flag of Greater Manchester is a huge bee, on the Salford Coat Of Arms there are bees with the slogan “The Welfare Of The People Is The Highest Law” and on the Salford County Borough Heraldy, once again, there are bees, this time accompanying the slogan “Integrity And Industry”, so why have the bees of Salford and Manchester been treated so badly ? Bees have suffered pollution and loss of habitat on a huge scale

Bees were used to symbolise industriousness, almost as though the authorities and “business leaders” of the time thought of the people as worker bees working industriously while the products of labour were creamed off

It is time for a new attitude towards bees and bee habitat, as human survival is linked to the bees

It is time for us to BEE REAL


Co-operative Plan Bee

The Scientist – The Bee

Ordsall Community Arts – Bee Garden


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