Pomona, An Eden Project For The North

Photo: Kestrel, Pomona (James Walsh)

The Salford Docklands, once one of the busiest working docks on the planet, was re-invented as a yuppie playground in the 1980’s and now is gaining a reputation as a site to watch wildlife, with birdwatching cruises on boats and nature walks becoming popular

Pomona is the area of the Docklands that has the highest ecological value with around 100 species of birds and 150 species of flora recorded during casual observations and ecological surveys It is a joy to behold the amount of wildlife in such an urban area, and the fact that Skylarks can be heard singing and Lapwings seen performing their amazing aerial Spring dances, just a mile or so away from Manchester city centre is something that we should celebrate and promote

To have a look at the stunning, panoramic views and the wildlife of Pomona join the Salford Docklands Project Launch on Saturday 30th May to see the area with wildlife experts – who knows, you might even see the Salford Docklands Big Five!

The future of Pomona is becoming a political issue as the area is very popular with local people, photographers, joggers, birdwatchers, fishermen, naturalists and dogwalkers, and many voices are now saying that Pomona could become The Manchester Wetlands Centre, an Eden Project for the North



The Northern Spring, The Launch Of The Salford Docklands Project


The Mancunian Spring, Pomona Docks – A Heritage and Greenspace Issue

http://www.salfordonline.com/lifestyles_page/51728-the_salford_docklands_big_five_-_kingfisher.html Salford Docklands Big Five – Kingfisher

http://www.salfordonline.com/lifestyles_page/51744-the_salford_docklands_big_five_-_lapwing.html Salford Docklands Big Five – Lapwing

http://www.salfordonline.com/lifestyles_page/51764-the_salford_docklands_big_five_-_grey_heron.html Salford Docklands Big Five – Grey Heron

http://www.salfordonline.com/lifestyles_page/51690-the_salford_docklands_big_five_-_mute_swans.html Salford Docklands Big Five – Mute Swan

http://www.salfordonline.com/lifestyles_page/51940-the_salford_docklands_big_five_-_cormorant.html Salford Docklands Big Five – Cormorant


Film: Save Pomona


Manchester Birding Site Guide


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