How Eco-Tourism Could Benefit The Blackpool North Economy

Blackpool is still very reliant on tourism for income, and the Tourism Industry on The Fylde requires an up-grade and re-branding

Eco-Tourism is a relatively new, and fast growing, sector of the Tourism Industry, creating new opportunities for sustainable economic growth

Lancashire is beginning to embrace this new sector, with the big player being the Morecambe Bay Nature Tourism Network

The Fylde could benefit in a huge way from Eco-Tourism, an industry that some call a “win-win situation for both ecologists and economists”, and all accommodation providers should be educated and informed of this new and exciting industry

The University of Central Lancashire offers a superb range of Eco-Tourism courses so there needs to be local jobs that the students can apply for upon completion of qualifications

Blackpool North contains unique coastal habitat such as sand-dunes, clay cliffs, coastal grassland, offshore reef, the Irish Sea and the Wyre Estuary

Inland habitat includes Moor Park, Kingscote Park and Bispham Rock Gardens, home to a rare butterfly, the White-letter Hairstreak

A casual glance at Blackpool North suggests potential for more Solaris Centres, scuba-diving, wildlife cruises (dolphin watching and birdwatching), a Maritime Centre (mirroring the success of the Rossall Point Coastal Observatory), more bee habitat such as wildflower meadows and green roofs, even powering the Illuminations with 100% renewable energy

The official Blackpool Council motto is “Progress” and it is time for Blackpool to embrace this motto and bring real progress to this beautiful area of the world


Morecambe Bay Nature Tourism Network

The Westmoreland Gazette, April 2015

Bispham Rock Gardens


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