The Fylde Could Become A World Class EcoTourism Site

The Fylde currently has all the environmental attributes to become a big player on the international EcoTourism scene, it has scenic coastline and marshes, an amazingly varied selection of birdlife, including huge winter flocks of iconic Pink-footed Geese and the stars of the show for many naturalists are the Dolphins and Porpoises

Cetacean watching has the potential to become an industry on The Fylde, including boat trips – Blackpool is not just candy floss and postcard humour, and it is getting a reputation for sightings of Bottle-nosed Dolphin and Harbour Porpoise

The great thing about EcoTourism from a business point of view is that accommodation providers can receive visitors at all times of the year, in fact, at times when the regular tourism industry is hibernating, EcoTourism is booming – autumn is a key bird migration period, winter provides spectacular goose watching, and hardy porpoises can be seen in the sea all year round!

A visit to The Fyldes’ premier nature sites such as Ribble Estuary, Rossall Point, Pilling Marsh, Marton Mere, Fairhaven Lake and Fleetwood Marsh Nature Park should provide many superb wildlife experiences for switched on tourists, especially with a knowledgeable tour guide

EcoTourism requires decent infrastructure, such as training schools/colleges, and The University of Central Lancashire offers a wide range of quality courses, but EcoTourism is still yet to make the great leap forward into mainstream Fylde Tourism

At the moment there seems to be a dis-connect between the Tourism industry, the politicians and the environmentalists, and The Fylde is in danger of losing it’s beautiful environment to the fracking industry

The geographical position of The Fylde – on the coast – is such that we should be doing everything possible to prevent sea-level rise, and that includes reducing the pollution that is being emitted from industry

An EcoTourism plan for The Fylde, and for Lancashire as a whole, could put saving, promoting and celebrating the environment at the forefront of the minds of Lancashires’ business community/economists, and shine a big spotlight on finding sustainable income streams


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5 thoughts on “The Fylde Could Become A World Class EcoTourism Site

  1. Another danger to the Fylde coast is the planned pumping out of salt caverns at Preesall to facilitate gas storage the brine is due to be pumped out to sea approx 1 mile off shore at a very high rate this surely will affect sea life.


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